Parents' Committee

Parents' committee of the school nominated by the management every year, plays an important role in acting as a communication link between parents and the management and development of the school. List of the committee members along with their phone numbers is sent to every member at the beginning of the academic year. Parents can contact any of the members for any problem or suggestions. Parents committee meets on first Saturday of every month at 5.00pm at school premises. Any parent can attend this meeting if there is any specific communication he/she would like to make.

Activities of the parents committee include Parents' Meeting belonging to different age groups of students in presence of the management and teachers, Teachers' felicitation on teachers' day, class IV employees' felicitation on Gandhi Jayanti Day, Annual Parents' Day cum exhibition, and educational trips for students of various classes to local establishments etc. Parents who would like to participate in parents' committee's activities may get in touch with the chairman of the parents’ committee.


Mr. Shyam Bhatia Mrs. Aanchal Bhatia Chairman
Mr. Sumit Suri Mrs. Priya Suri Member
Mr. Ritesh Jain Mrs. Rashi Jain Member
Mr.Mukesh Patidar Mrs.Sunita Patidar Member
Mr. Atul Jain Mrs.Nutan Jain Member
Dr.Mayank Saxena Mrs.Manita Saxena Member
Mr.Abhishek Sanghvi Mrs.Priya Sanghvi Member
(Dr.) K. Roshan Rao (Dr.) Sarita Rao Member
Mr. Mahendra Pal Singh Thakur Mrs. Ritu Thakur Member
Dr. Gunjan Chaudhary Dr. Arati Chaudhary Member
Mr. Sarvesh Jhawar Mrs. Pallavi Jhawar Member
Mr. Rajeev Mathur Mrs. Kirti Mathur Member
Mr. Yogesh Maheshwari Mrs.Vandana Maheshwari Member
Dr. Manoj Kumar Bansal Mrs. Ritika Bansal Member
Mr. Divyaditya Kothari Mrs. Shreshti Kothari Member
Dr. Rahul Jain Mrs. Monika Jain Member
Mr. Kapil Khandelwal Mrs. Bhanuja Khandelwal Member
Dr. Narendra Singh Bhadoria Mrs. Nisha Bhadoria Member
Mr. Jay Kumar Ahuja Mrs. Meher Ahuja Member
  1. Parents who would like to make any kind of contribution in the activities of the Parents' Committee may contact any of the Committee member.
  2. Management will be able to get quality feed back if parents keep interacting with parents.

Tribhuvan Sachdeva


Dr.Ramesh B. Baheti Convenor Governing Board
Mr.Tribhuvan Sachdeva Secretary Governing Board Secretary Governing Board
Mr. M.G. Paranjape Director
Dr. Anju Chopra Officiating Principal
Mrs. Vandana Daji Vice - Principal
Mrs. Pallavi Sukhtankar Head Mistress