Circular For Parents

Dear Parents

Sai Ram !

On behalf of the Sathya Sai family I welcome you to yet another session at Sri Sathya Sai Vidya Vihar, Indore.

As the session has just begun, I felt it appropriate to share with you information about the new facilities that have been introduced in the school for this year.

You will be happy to learn that the school has taken a step forward in the I.T. field by introducing the "TATA Interactive SMART Classes". Hereby, our children will be imparted knowledge with the help of certain software to make teaching and learning a more interesting experience.

Remedial classes in various subjects have been started so as to ensure that all children stay at par and move ahead with sound concepts. This is being done for all senior classes till XII. Extra classes are being taken for new students also. We have also started preparing children of classes XI and XII for CLAT examination in school.

Proficiency classes/camp have been started for Sports, Instrumental Music, Vocal Music, Dance (Bharatnatiyam & Kathak) and Art & Craft where due emphasis is given to teach children more than they get to learn in regular periods, under the expert tutelage of our renowned teachers as well as some teachers hired by the school for these classes.

All the above are being taken up with no extra charges for them. Our children are being trained regularly in these fields.

In the area of sports, we have offered Aerobics, Skating & Judo-Karate in this session. The response, to Judo Karate, however, has not been as per expectations

The Football ground has been repaired fully and the Basketball court also is being made again. A beautiful skating rink is being made in the Bal Mandir and a special full time coach has been hired for this.

Some infrastructural additions are as follows:

Three "Angans" are underway in the Senior school building:

Nrityangan - A state of art dance room

Geetangan - a vocal music room to accommodate a full class.

Chitrangan - An Art and Craft room for children to explore their talent in this field.

Chitrangan Gallery - Adjacent to the Chitrangan is the Chitrangan Gallery

where we shall give an opportunity to our children to showcase their creative talents which shall be displayed on the P.T.M. and other important days.

Sitting areas - Alongside the football ground and road stairs are being made for our children to sit on. During the lunch break our children can sit and relax on these under the shade of trees.

From this year Shiamak Davar dance classes have been initiated in the school which shall help the children to raise their confidence level and also enhance their personality. This form of dance is more an extension of exercises and aerobics with a music and sound effect as also some more dance forms. We are extremely happy with the response of the children for these.

NCC (Class 9 and 10 Girls) & Scouts & Guide (Class 5th to 8th Girls) - We propose to open a NCC Wing, to train our girl students to be physically and mentally strong. The process has been initiated and we are awaiting for the approval from the NCC and Scouts & Guide department.

A new bandmaster has joined from this session, hailing from a military background. Awarded as one of the best in the army, the gentleman shall be joining us permanently from July end. This will, hopefully, revive our school band, which we all have been so proud of.

Education in Human Values:

  1. To reinforce education in Human Values, it is important that we as Parents and teachers, together, ensure that our children grow up to be adults who are useful to society. Thus, the EHV department has decided to conduct weekly sessions on Sunday for our children, whereby we meet either in a hospital / an orphanage / old age home and render some selfless service to society as a complete school community.
  2. To teach our children to be responsible and appreciate the value of money, as well as ensure an optimum utilization of resources, the school has decided that all students will pass on their text books to a child of the junior class after the session is over.

Kindly ensure the children keep their books in proper condition.

My dear Parents.. I thank you all on behalf of the school for your support and understanding all along. I look forward to another such year, which will help us in keeping our promise of providing the most wonderful and happy childhood of learning, fun and laughter for our dearest children.

God bless you all

Yours in Sai Service