Institutional Community Services

community-service community-service

School, as an institution, tries to carry out community services in small ways, some of these activities are designed to facilitate parents and students to contribute towards community service.


A stainless steel insulated water mobile van is pressed into service every day morning that meets the needs of patients, doctors and attendants at M.Y. Hospital during the day. During summers, arrangement of special quality ice is made to keep the water cool. In the evening, this van is sent to the places where large crowds may gather and drinking water will be needed.


During the months of April, May and June, water huts put up on various public places to offer cool drinking water to the thirsty. Presently three water huts are being run at Sathya Sai crossing, Sayaji crossing (bus stand) and Palasia Police Station crossing. This program may be expanded in coming years.


The PRF has been introduced in the school, which is a beautiful platform where in the parents can offer their services and interact with the school voluntarily towards the various activities in the school. These may include :

  1. Teaching
  2. Co- curricular activities
  3. Guest lecturers & workshop
  4. Beautification & Landscaping
  5. Gardening
  6. Story Telling
  7. Dining Hall
  8. Organizing Excursions etc.
  9. Any other activity

When the child leaves the school or when they want to stop the service, the parents are given a certificate to acknowledge their contribution.


Visits to orphanages, old people's homes and children's hospitals are organized from time to time so that students can fulfill part of their community service obligation by participating in these visits.