Events And Celebrations


Who fills our life with laughter? Who makes our life interesting and varied? Who epitomizes beauty and aesthetics and makes this Earth a wonderful place to live in? The answer to this is only one – Our pretty children ---on whom lies the onus of perpetuating our culture and values. Myriad celebrations replete with fun and excitement, blended with genuine interests and high spirits of the children, pulsates life at Bal Mandir.

Daughters' Day

A great future is wished for every daughter on September 22 as the DAUGHTERS' DAY. Angelic daughters and fairies of Montessori to Grade IV represent what daughters stand for – Kindness, Benevolence ,Courage ,Generosity and all human values , celebrate the day by paying tribute to the great women of our country who have created a benchmark of their own in a program – Daughters of India.

Mesmerizing Minors' Marvel

A scintillating pageantry of dance and music, an amazing display of talents and skills proving that every child is a bundle of talent is presented in MAGICAL MINOR'S MARVEL, a cultural fiesta for the parents and grandparents of Montessori children. The program merits appreciation as each and every child of Montessori actively participates in it.

Fun Fiesta

Children at Bal Mandir have a rollicking time when they celebrate FUN FIESTA. A celebration where the school is beautifully decorated and the children play entertaining games , a day to romp about jump, sing and dance. Stalls are put up for them which whet their appetite as well.

Colors Day

The cherubic fairies of Montessori section look simply fascinating when they celebrate colour days. Yellow day celebration, symbolizing life and energy makes the children appear like daffodils and sunflowers; Blue day spells the vast expanse of blue sky, the gurgle of sparkling blue streams, Neelkanth – Lord Shiva's bird and the pretty ‘Bluebells' all dressed in blue attires make the day momentous. Green day celebration – natures manifestation of life and Red day celebration - symbolizing potentials of human being are celebrated with great zeal and enthusiasm.

Animal Planet

Animals are our best friends, we must protect them – an awareness campaign to make children concerned, compassionate and responsible citizens of the nation , enthusiastic kids of Bal Mandir celebrate ‘ANIMAL PLANET'. Children who are the future citizens of this world should be aware of the precious natural resources that is unique to this earth – Animals being an important member of this should not be allowed to become extinct. Hence tiny tots wearing animal masks, some even the costumes spread the message to save and be kind to animals. Colourful posters and charts with slogans to save animals.

adorn the walls of the school. The teachers narrate animal talks and C.D's on animal kingdom are screened to generate awareness about land aerial and ocean animals.

Dolls Fun Ville

Children of Montessori section enjoy playing with soft toys, balloons, splash pool relishing delicacies like bhel, khaman, noodles, fruit chat etc. celebrating – TOY DAY.

The Corduroy, a cute teddy bear, part of affectionate Bal Mandir family is invited home by the children, taken by turn and she spends an action packed day with sweetie pies of Montessori section.


One and the same thought assumes different forms of beauty depending on the language used for its expression. The school celebrates various events using varied forms of expressions.

Foundation Day

21st July is celebrated as a day to commemorate the feeling of gratitude towards the Alma Mater where students amidst the recitation of bhajans thank the Almighty for the blessings.

National Festivals

Independence Day, Republic Day and Gandhi Jayanti are celebrated with grand fervor and zeal. These festivals instill the feeling of patriotism among the children.

Annual Day

It is an important event of the year where Bal Mandir (other than the Montessori section) and main school students demonstrate their talent and give vibrant performances.It is an excellent platform to bring out the innate talent of a child.

Sports Day

Sports and games instill the feeling that victory comes through hard, slavish team play, self confidence, and enthusiasm that amounts to dedication. It is an annual event which is a platform for demonstrating and exhibiting the sportsman spirit among children.


A day with the special children is celebrated to sensitize our students towards the under privileged. The students are made to integrate with these students and participate in number of sports and cultural activities.