A fleet of 30 buses provides the facility of commuting between home and school to those who wish to avail it. The buses ply on fixed routes and stop at fixed places only. Factors taken into account while deciding the routes and the bus stops are: Length of the route to facilitate reaching the destination within 50 minutes from the first stop, space availability for U turn instead of moving the bus in reverse direction, safe stop over a place where students can board and alight comfortably without any risk, number of students from a particular area, and convenient to maximum number of students. Any change is possible only if a large number of parents are interested and schools survey reveals that above criteria are met.

The students of classes XI & XII only are permitted to bring gearless two wheelers, that too, after getting their names registered in the school after showing their registration book and a valid driving license to the administrator.

The parents of students who do not avail of the bus facility are required to submit the name of the person who comes to pick them up daily. The guard has the authority to stop the students from leaving the campus otherwise. The school will take the responsibility of commuting of only those children who avail of the school bus facility. No child will be offered a seat in another bus, if the child has to go early, the parent will have to come to collect the child from the school. The child will not be sent by another trip.

A well stacked library is at the disposal of students. Different sections are made in which all types of books are available to the student be it Reference books, fiction, journals, magazine etc. Students get best possible material to work with and are also given ample opportunities for the same. Both Bal Mandir and Senior School have separate Libraries.


A unique feature that is followed here is the concept of class library wherein a set of 50 books is kept in an open shelf in the class itself and students can pick and take home any of these books for reading and keep it back in the shelf after reading without having to go to the library and going through the process of issue and deposit. This helps in promoting the reading habits. Students are able to read, refer and research. The children also learn to take the responsibility of managing the books and to be careful about their possessions. In this manner they are also exposed to the maximum possible number of books. Separate set of books is prescribed for each class.


Computers are provided at the e-library section which facilitates the students to access the internet, visit various sites and download the information that may be of use to them. They can also use various CDs stocked in the library, that facilitate better learning. Work has now been started on storing e-books also on our database.

Parents are welcome to add to our knowledge centre by contributing books, CD's of soft copies.

It is a compulsory facility extended to the students. A committee comprising of the students, teachers and parents incharge of making an appropriate menu keeping in mind their taste and nutritional value. Food is prepared under most hygienic conditions, using best and fresh raw materials and is cooked and served by well kempt staff.

lunch lunch

In addition to the lunch facility, students are also served some refreshment at a very nominal price. Our objective is to make sure that the children do not reach home famished. To ensure that there is no dehydration during summer days, students are served different kinds of liquids in hours other than lunch hours. Prayer before lunch and practically no wastage of food are the highlights of the dining hall.

We welcome the parents to experience the bliss of having ‘Bhojan Prasad’ along with students on any working day.


Instead of a general annual health check up and reporting to the parents about the problem identified, we feel that students' health should be monitored with the point of view of his/her growth and learning ability and any deteriorating trend noticed based on study of last 3/4 years’ data. Any noticeable trend should be brought to the notice of parents.


The school has a well equipped Counseling Cell to provide emotional support and guidance to our children.


Sick room - The Sick room next to the Counsellor’s office offers lunch comfort to the children who fall sick in the school. They are administered first-aid in case of emergency and the injured child is rushed to the nearby hospitals.

All expenses on medical treatment given as first-aid are borne by the school. However, for extended treatment, the consultancy charges are borne by the parents.

Parents are requested not to send sick children to school for attending classes or appearing for examinations / tests. It is inconvenient to send them back to their homes.


computer lab

In order to hone their skills, the students are made to experiment and experience. We presently have Junior Science, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Biotechnology, Mathematics, Social Science and Smart Classes. We also have three Computer laboratories.


The school is now equipped with a 70 seater air conditioned audio visual room especially used for conducting workshops & classes for students which helps in enhancing the teaching-learning process.

Tata Interactive Class Edge

The school is now equipped with 18 Tata Interactive Class Edge Smart Classes to make the teaching learning process more effective and interesting.