Physical & Personality Development Programme


A variety of inter house, Intra school and Inter school competitions are held throughout the year. These competitions provide an opportunity to the students, to participate, in the process enhancing their self confidence by providing the necessary and appropriate exposure. School teams are encouraged to participate in various interschool competitions held in the city as well as in competitions organized by CBSE at city cluster (regional) and national levels.


School teams are formed for various sports and other competitive areas like quizzing, public speaking, painting, singing, scientific projects etc. Student having potential in any area, are identified early and included in the team. Teams are given rigorous training by qualified coach through summer camps, weekend programmes and morning practice classes.


Guest speakers who have distinguished themselves in various fields are invited to address the students from time to time. Topics related to awareness, career, motivation etc are taken up. Ex-students are also invited to address the students for motivating them for life ahead, giving tips on how to face competitive examinations in nutshell add value to the process. Students interact with their role models and get enriched.


The school organizes cultural exchange programmes at National and International levels from time to time. This helps in developing confidence and the spirit of co-operation among the students, broadening their global perspective.


Having its own band is a matter of pride for any school. Our band has earned the accolades of many dignitaries visiting the school and also from District authorities to general public while participating in various national celebrations.


School orchestra based on classical music and Indian instruments has also been formed. Presently it is in its nascent stage and will soon attain a place of pride in the school activities.


School has a full time counsellor who operates at three levels.

  1. Addressing the classes from time to time to make suggestions on how to do things better and how to be happy.
  2. Counselling of individual students, alone or with parents, on recommendation of teachers or parents.
  3. Carrying out Aptitude tests of students in class IX to give them a lead into the area wherein lies their interest and proficiency as well as making them aware of the career options available.

We invite parents who can contribute to any of the existing activities or help introduce and nurture any new activity which will help enrich the students. Interested parents can get in touch with the respective Vice Principals.